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Equality and Diversity Committee

The Equality and Diversity Committee was set up following the findings of the working party (Creating an actively anti-racist culture) and in response to nationwide issues involving different forms of discrimination.

This committee is going to play an integral role in trying to reduce all forms of discrimination to zero and help to make St Philip’s the kindest and fairest school it can be.

To read the minutes of our meetings please click the links below

Equality and Diversity Committee meeting 13/1/2023

Equality and Diversity Committee meeting 28/4/2022

Equality and Diversity Committee meeting 15/03/2022

Equality and Diversity Committee meeting 18/01/2022

Students develop very high levels of positive behaviour and feel extremely safe. They are very considerate, very respectful and caring of others and highly positive about learning.

– Ofsted report


Badminton Champions

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Building Careers

On Tuesday 24th January, we had our first special interest careers trip. The concept of the visits is to give our learners experience of real-life working environments, specifically in sectors that they have shown an interest in pursuing. We visited …

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Healthy eating workshops

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Post-16 Food Bank Donations

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