Stag Beetles!

Great news –  Stag beetles have settled in our Nut Walk!

So far, our primary students have found two females (as seen in the picture) and a male which have larger pinchers. The male was found during wild time last week whilst the students were out building dens in the nut walk; everyone was very excited! Mrs Tarrant moved him from the arch he was on to underneath some damp logs in the shade at the other end of the nut walk. Stag Beetles are an endangered species in the UK so we encourage our students not to touch or pick them up. Letting them crawl onto a piece of wood or into a bowl is a great way to transport them if they need to be moved. They like to live in decomposing wood so please, if you find one put it back in there!

Students develop very high levels of positive behaviour and feel extremely safe. They are very considerate, very respectful and caring of others and highly positive about learning.

– Ofsted report


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