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St Philip’s features in cricket film

By Fiona Wilkins - April 25th, 2024 | Posted in Article

Several staff and students feature in a new film from the Lord’s Taverners charitable organisation to spread the word about a programme to promote cricket in SEND schools.

The Lord’s Taverners programme, with the help of additional funding from the English Cricket Board, has so far reached 600 SEND school and just over 19,000 young people with a disability. St Philip’s School has been delighted to be one of the first schools to participate in this programme and build on the cricket already on the curriculum at the school.

LT cricket video

This year the programme has expanded to over 400 new schools and 13,000 participants. This has ensured they have more than doubled the number of participants reached through all our programmes this year, and provided participants with a disability a safe space to play a sport that they wouldn’t have otherwise. The aim is to make cricket accessible to ALL SEND 1500 schools across the UK by 2025. 

Students at St Philip’s love the cricket programme and we are very grateful for the support provided.

To find out more visit the Lord’s Taverners website

Lord’s Taverners Impact

and watch the video to spot some of our cricketing staff and students.