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School Streets Trial from 4th September

By Fiona Wilkins - July 10th, 2023 | Posted in Article

There will be a trial of the School Streets scheme which will prevent vehicle access to the school gate at drop off and pick up times starting on Monday 4th September.

Please read the letter from the Royal Borough of Kingston which contains further information and guidance on how you can participate in the consultation process and visit the website to have your say by clicking the links below.

Letter from Royal Borough of Kingston about Safe Streets Trial 

Kingston School Streets Scheme website 

Many of you will have witnessed how congested and unsafe the current one-way system is outside the school and we welcome the opportunity to trial a potential solution.

If you drop off or collect your child from the school gates, I encourage you to use the summer holidays to either travel train your child to complete the journey independently or to walk safely to an agreed meeting point which is away from Harrow Close.  Many of our students already do this and enjoy a great sense of achievement as a result.

If your child is not ready for either of these options, I advise you familiarise yourself with the surrounding roads as many allow free parking which will enable you to park up and walk to the school gates.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Mr Walsh , Principal

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