School Council Elections

By Support - October 10th, 2022 | Posted in Blog

School Council election day has always been an exciting day at St Philip’s School but this year we really upped our game! Mrs Ward was given the opportunity to collect the equipment that is used on polling day including the signs, ballot boxes and voting booths.  On Friday 30th September the dinner hall was transformed into a polling station and all students were invited to cast their vote to elect the school council representative for their year group.  Students were highly motivated by the event and there was a real buzz of excitement.

Mr Walsh said, “We had a record number of young people stand for election this year and it is lovely to see democracy at its finest.”

Amber (Year 9) enjoyed helping set the polling station up and said, “In the past we have just ticked a box and handed it to the teacher but this way we learnt how we will vote in real life. It was really interesting.”

The count was carried out on Monday and Mr Hill held a special assembly on Wednesday morning to announce the results.

Harry (Year 7) was one of the successful candidates and said, “I have never been so happy on a school day in my whole life.”

You can follow the activities of this year’s school council by viewing the minutes on the school website: