Results of Arts Survey

By Fiona Wilkins - July 21st, 2023 | Posted in Article

At the beginning of the year we organised a parents’ survey to gauge opinions on the Arts (Drama, Music & Visual Art) at St Philip’s School.

From this survey we found out what makes it difficult to engage your child with arts activities outside of school; cost, finding venues that are welcoming to SEN young people and difficulty travelling.  We have now put together a list of arts & cultural venues in London which highlight venues that will cater for some of these difficulties, please click the link below.  

Cultural Organisations

More and more venues are beginning to cater for neurodiverse and Autistic people.  One of the main ways venues are doing this is by creating ‘relaxed’ performances or opening times.  This is an opportunity to visit a venue or see a performance with less sensory overload and at a time where families do not need to worry about their child’s needs being misunderstood.  We would highly recommend the website

Autism in Museums

which has a calendar of ‘relaxed’ events in the UK.