Primary Detectives

Primary English Sleuths

By Fiona Wilkins - February 6th, 2024 | Posted in Article

This term pupils in the Primary Department have been focusing on inference and predicting skills in their English lessons.  We have been talking about being detectives – trying to find out (infer) from the evidence within texts and then make predictions.

Pupils were able to put these skills into practice when they discovered one of our classrooms left in a very strange state – over turned tables with a tie and pair of adult men’s shoes next to it. The pupils sprung into action and split into groups.  Some groups ran around the school interviewing witnesses, they found out that Mr Walsh was missing!

Other groups investigated the room further and found green slime and a message written within a mysterious language.  A working theory came into place – Mr Walsh had been kidnapped by aliens!

Pupils now started working on missing posters, cracking the coded message left by the aliens and wanted posters for the alien kidnappers.  At the end of the morning we found an email address for the aliens and did some shared writing to write an email to them.  Fortunately, they responded back telling us that Mr Walsh was safe and would be returned to the school the next day!