Polka Theatre Workshop

By Support - April 28th, 2023 | Posted in Blog

As part of World Creativity Week, pupils in Year 7 took part in a performance theatre workshop run by the Polka Theatre. Each group started by thinking about how they could use actions and sounds to visually describe animals for the rest of their group to identify.

They also had to mime different uses for an object that they pulled out of a velvet bag, in this case a beautiful shell. After these initial activities, they split into groups and created their own worlds using fabrics and props to bring their creations to life. They also had to think of sounds that they would expect to hear in their world and the sort of animals they might find there.

Each group presented their world to the rest of the class and everyone enjoyed hearing about the imaginative ideas that they had created.

Thanks to the Polka Theatre for running these immersive workshops for the Year 7 classes. To find out about current productions at the Polka Theatre, click the link below

Polka Theatre