London Mozart Players

By Support - April 28th, 2023 | Posted in Blog

We were delighted to start our day on Tuesday 25th April with a special assembly given by two of the musicians from the London Mozart Players. Jo and Ben introduced everyone to the music of Mozart and their instruments the violin and cello.

They introduced themselves with song to say hello to everyone and then Jo explained how music can be used to portray the movements of cats and different birds. We counted the number of Cuckoo calls in a piece of music and everyone enjoyed a piece of music that portrayed the movement of a swan because it was so beautiful and relaxing.

After the assembly some lucky students were able to have a music lesson with Ben and Jo where they had the chance to play instruments and make music together. Everyone agreed it was a fantastic way to start the day and get the whole school excited about music at the start of World Creativity Week.

Many thanks to Jo and Ben for sharing their love of Mozart and their instruments with us. If you are interested in seeing the London Mozart Players perform, details of upcoming concerts can be found by clicking the link below

London Mozart Players