Firefighters Careers Visit

By Support - March 28th, 2023 | Posted in Blog

As part of our Careers curriculum, pupils in Year 10, had a great session with the fire brigade. White Watch from Surbiton Station brought the fire engine into school and spoke to the three classes about careers in the fire service and fire safety. Pupils learnt that anyone can apply to be a firefighter, firefighters come in every shape and size and diversity in the London Fire Brigade is positively encouraged.

The firefighters also talked about the skills needed to make a good fire fighter and said that team work was one of the main skills needed. They also discussed the need for good communication skills, fitness and strength and the firefighters seemed quite pleased when one of the pupils likened firefighters to super heros.

After the classroom session, everyone went outside to look at the fire appliance that they had parked in the school car park. Pupils looked at some of the specialist equipment that they carry on board. The highlight of the session for many of the pupils was the chance to climb on board and sit in the back of the fire engine.

The firefighters gave everyone, teachers and pupils, some homework to do following their visit. That was to go home and check whether there are smoke detectors fitted in their homes. They also advised that smoke detectors should be checked every week and said members of the public can get fire safety advice by visiting the London Fire Brigade website which can be accessed by clicking the link below:

London Fire Brigade