Finish This Opera

Classes 7L and 9E have been involved in a new music making programme for schools with the English National Opera called ‘Finish This…’

‘Finish This…’ uses specially commissioned operatic works as a creative starting point to inspire students to create and produce their own music through an invitation to respond to, and resolve, unfinished artistic work.

The final compositions from the classes have been turned into animated films and will be put onto the website of the English National Opera.

“We thoroughly enjoyed these pieces – they are both so captivating and musically creative – and we can really feel that commitment and ownership of the work from the students. We hope everyone is proud of their work and that everyone enjoys listening back to their music creations!” Amy Powell, Programme Manager at ENO Engage

This project has been very much a partnership with the English National Opera who are looking to make their work more accessible to SEND schools. Our music teacher, Linden Greatwood, has consulted throughout the project through fortnightly discussions and written feedback. We look forward to future collaborations!

You can view and listen to the finished products below




Students develop very high levels of positive behaviour and feel extremely safe. They are very considerate, very respectful and caring of others and highly positive about learning.

– Ofsted report


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