Zero discrimination goal

The school’s Equality and Diversity Committee met for the first time on the 18th January. This group will play an integral role in trying to reduce all forms of discrimination to zero and help to make St Philip’s the kindest and fairest school it can be.

The committee has been set up following the findings of the working party ‘Creating an actively anti-racist culture’ and in response to nationwide issues involving different forms of discrimination.

Members represent groups who may be in the minority within the school community and are young people who demonstrate through their behaviours and conduct in school that they can be trusted with such an important role. They will meet regularly and have agreed to follow a set of rules which includes the requirement to respect each other’s opinions. They will also review the school’s systems to monitor behaviour.

The Committee encourages any member of the school community who have concerns to report them either by talking to a member of staff or leaving a note in the red ‘concerns’ boxes.

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Equality and Diversity Committee

Students develop very high levels of positive behaviour and feel extremely safe. They are very considerate, very respectful and caring of others and highly positive about learning.

– Ofsted report


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