Enterprising Christmas Fair

By Fiona Wilkins - December 20th, 2023 | Posted in Article

Our Christmas Fair Enterprise event was so much fun and was a massive success raising a grand total of £650.

Every class was given a start-up ‘grant’ of £10 and they brainstormed ideas for how to spend the money and what sort of stall they thought could make the most profit. Some classes choose to sell food such as the Year 11 Hot Dog Stall, but there was also lemonade, smores, brownies, pizza bagels and gingerbread biscuits to tempt staff and pupils into parting with their cash.

Other classes had gone down a more creative route and were selling homemade goods ranging from pine cone Christmas trees, to cornflake wreaths, Christmas lights, pottery, jewellery and Christmas cards. Staff even offered a free gift wrap service to help pupils complete their Christmas shopping.

Some classes decided to run games such as guess the number of sweets in the jar, break the emoji code or guess the name of the Bunny. There was also a Photo Booth and Virtual Reality stall where our students could ride on a roller coaster in the virtual world.

There were two stalls that attracted lots of visitors and that was the Tombola and the Splosh Josh and Reggie stall. Josh went the extra mile by agreeing to have a bucket of water thrown over him in a bid to raise even more money.

There was a real buzz about the hall and everyone enjoyed running their stalls and choosing what to spend their money on. We are so impressed what an enterprising bunch of students we have.

Thanks to all the local businesses who donated to the event and to our families for their support.