Colourful Chalk Painting

By Support - February 10th, 2022 | Posted in Blog

This week our two Primary classes, Gecko and Python, have created an explosion of colour around the school as they got stuck into some chalk painting in their Art lessons. We grated chalk into some containers, and then added a little bit of water and mixed it together. This way we created paint that we could put anywhere, without worrying about it staining! We drew lots of different patterns and designs, and wrote our names. We explored with colour mixing and feeling how the chalk paint dried on different surfaces.

Chalk painting is part of the new Art curriculum we are developing in Primary. We split our lessons into two halves – the first is more curriculum based, and the second half is purely sensory, to allow our pupils to explore different materials, smells, patterns, and most importantly, have fun!

We have also experimented with frozen paint, bubble painting, mixing salt and glue together, and making patterns with shaving foam. All the pupils really enjoy getting messy, and having complete freedom in how they explore their own sensory needs.