Mental Health Hub

Mental Health Hub

Mental Health Hub is OHC&AT’s ‘one stop shop’ for mental health support and wellbeing.


Online portal

All OHC&AT schools and the College have a bespoke online portal that holds information and resources that staff can access to support children and young people, their parents/carers and families as well as the wider community. Staff are supported in their professional development in mental health and each provision has a dedicated Senior Mental Health Leader. Mental health resources, training and signposting are unique to the needs of the school/college particular provision and the geographic location.

Clinical Supervision

OHC&AT realises that our staff need to be the very best they can be in order to provide high quality education and support to our pupils and students. This includes being mentally fit and healthy. OHC&AT appreciates the ‘cost of caring’ and the need for staff to have time to process and reflect upon their work.

Clinical supervision is recognised as an important component for staff mental health and professional development and OHC&AT provides access to frequent clinical supervision, enabling staff to be able to reflect upon their work and have the opportunity to process information that may be impacting on their emotional and mental health. This is delivered remotely, 1:1 or in small groups, by highly experienced clinical psychologists, forensic psychologists, and counselling psychologists registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council.


Clinical Practitioners

Our schools and college centres work with clinical practitioners to support pupils, students and families when more immediate support and high level intervention is required. The service does not seek to replace the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), but ensures timely additional support and guidance can be sought.

For further enquiries about our Mental Health Hub contact us on 0345 402 0453 or email