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Students Present at Tate Modern

By Fiona Wilkins - March 14th, 2024 | Posted in Article

Students were excited to present their own interpretations of a work of art to the public at the Tate Modern Gallery as part of the I am Festival 2024.  Friends, family and members of the public listened as they described how the sculpture they had studied had made them feel. Students also shared sensory bags that they had made with the visitors to help explain their interpretation.

Prior to this event, the group had visited the gallery and studied Babel, a large-scale sculptural installation in the form of a tower made from hundreds of second-hand analogue radios. The radios are tuned to many different stations and adjusted to the lowest volume but they combine to create a cacophony of low, continuous sound.

Mr Underwood introduced the students and said he had seen Babel several years ago and said it helped him to understand how a person with ADHD experiences the world.

Michael described his first impressions of the sculpture, “The first time I saw Babel, it made me want to cover my ears but it made me feel happy.”

Ollie told his audience about the thoughts that Babel had triggered, “Babel made me think about being stuck in heavy traffic and lots of people going back to work.”

Max wanted to reach out to the sculpture, “Babel made me feel happy and excited. I would like to tough Babel and think it would feel bumpy.”

James said it inspired him to be a DJ.

The visitors to the gallery were genuinely interested to hear what our students had to say and took time to look at the sensory bags they had created. It was a great opportunity for students to interact with art and make their voice and opinion heard which is the aim of the I Am Festival.

The  I Am Festival 2024 is running for it’s ninth year and aims to empower deaf, disabled and neurodivergent young people to explore their own creativity.

I Am Festival 2024